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Moss Wall Art

Moss Wall Art

Stabilized moss walls require little to no maintenance. Their soft texture and lively, rich, deep color are mesmerizing, it is easy to breathe next to them and it is pleasant to look at!


Decorating walls with moss is one of the modern eco-decor techniques. Its foundation was laid in Japan, in our country it is still rare, although it is gaining popularity, especially among  ecological lifestyle  apprichators. 


Moss walls represent not only environmentally friendly, but also almost timeless decor. Several rules for care - do not allow overdrying, contamination, do not expose to excessively low or high temperatures.With timely care, the uniquely beautiful green walls will delight you for a very long time with their rich color, unusual texture, and clear forms.


We custom create  any ideas of customers - paintings, panels, logos and other corporate symbols, moss items, etc.


  • Custom made Wall art in different sizes, Logos, Letters with Moss

  • Fast Shipment World Wide 

  • Free consultation and visit of a specialist to the object in Miami Area 

  • 1 month free service when ordering products in Miami Area

  • Free installation in Miami Area

Visit Our Etsy Shop @PlantasticMiami for more moss art creations ! 

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