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Living Walls

Our Home is our sanctuary, we expect Comfort, tranquility. Fresh air, clean water, healthy food and natural light. We want a space that will inspire prosperity and longevity.

Floating plants on wall over brown leath

Perfect for office, hotels, restaurants, malls

In recent years, in developed countries, Business leaders began to pay more attention to the layout and interior of their work spaces. Previously work spaces emphasized on practicality, in recent years an emphasis placed on the health and well being of the employees.

Recent studies that well designed living walls and landscaping in office spaces can increase the productivity level of employees by more than 25%, which significantly affects the company's profit.

Interior Design: Modern elegant office.j
  • Easily relieves stress in 95% of people and promotes longevity

  • Absorbs over 60% of noise

  • Living plants will saturate your lungs with natural oxygen  adds freshness during summer months

  • Specially selected plants are able to purify the air from harmful substances emitted by household items, furniture, finishing materials and office equipment

  • Thanks to the automatic irrigation system, phyto modules work with minimal maintenance and effort

  • Properly combined with interior elements they can emphasize your personal style.  

Green wall, eco friendly vertical garden

Pocket Vertical Planting

Plants are planted in special felt pockets and attached to the wall in the right place.

The use of such mobile pockets allows us to create beautiful compositions with living plants.

The assembly is done using tabs. Attached to a metal frame, the panels form a support for a solid and waterproof green wall.

Main advantages of pocket planting:

  • Complete freedom to create your plant compositions, we plant wherever we want. Non-limitation associated with the predefined arrangement of plants

  • Easy to install, Easy to service

  • Plant health and long life. Natural antiseptic. The sphagnum contained in the sacs is an acidic substrate that limits the growth of pathogenic bacteria

  • Environmentally friendly. The landing pockets are made from recycled material. Their durability allows for multiple uses. Simply remove the braces that attach them to the wall and re-fit

  • The possibility of planting large plants.The only technique for planting large plants. The living wall gets an aesthetic appearance from the very beginning

  • Very simple processing of plants. A diseased or infected plant can be quarantined until completely cured and reinstalled in its place

  • Flexibility in finding the right place for plants.No errors in plant placement, no errors in cultivation ... We just detach the bag to move or remove it: This allows us  to find the ideal location for each plant

  • Adapted pocket sizes. Each plant has a pocket for its own size. There are pockets to fit all kinds of plants, from the smallest to the largest

Self-irrigation living wall

The built-in water storage tank allows you to water your plants for up to

three weeks.

It is also possible to connect to the water supply - in this case, a float valve

is additionally installed.

The construction is monolithic and water tight. Your retaining wall will

always be dry.

And most importantly: you can order a design of any size and realize your

wildest fantasies. Easy, simple, affordable.

Plants are planted in sphagnum moss and expanded clay, which deters

rotting and unpleasant odors.

Circle wooden sign board on vertical gre
Living green wall with flowers and plant

Boxsand Planting

An important advantage of this technology is that the plants used are not transplanted, but are placed on the shelves directly in transport pots, which has an extremely favorable effect on their survival rate and appearance.

The optimal use of such modules is the creation of vertical landscaping of a small area with manual irrigation. It is not always possible to fit into the individual dimensions of the customer's living walls.

Phyto Walls created on the basis of these modules allow optimal use of space, make the green wall visually light and avoid the bulkiness of the structure.

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