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Succulents  wall.jpg

Living painting is a canvas made of living plants, enclosed in a frame, accurately reflects the essence of this interior element, but does not exhaust it.

At the same time, living painting is a portable module, a complex engineering structure, in which irrigation and lighting systems are provided.  

Succulents  wall.jpg

Benefits of phytomodules

  • Relatively low cost

  • Easy to install plants  from our designs. Assembly will take from 30 minutes

  • Easily relieve stress in 95% of people and increase life expectancy

  • Absorb noise by more than 60%

  • In rooms with phytomodules 2-3 times less likely to get sick with Flu  and Allergic diseases

  • They are distinguished by originality and great expressive possibilities

  • Perfectly combined with any interior elements and emphasize your good taste and image of an environmentally minded person

Potted plant on wall.jpg
You can send us any images you like for the thoughtful  preparation of your version of a living picture or a larger  phytomodule. Create and invent!
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