Green wall, eco friendly vertical garden


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Living walls are popular, but their upkeep and longevity is seldom viable. Plantastic Miami  has developed a simplified solution for turning green walls into effortless indoor art. How do we do it? Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What is the main difference between Living wall and Moss wall art?

Living walls are built from living potted plants and ferns that require water and maintenance. Moss Wall Art is virtually maintenance free. Because our moss is naturally preserved, our pieces do not need water or light.

What is a living wall?

A vertical garden is a method to grow plants on walls. Found in nature and ancient civilizations, living walls have been thriving for centuries on walls all over the world. Technical definition: Vertically oriented high-density plantings suspended in a synthetic medium containing microbiology in soil to build dense ecosystems that support vegetative life.

How do living walls work?

Water is supplied at the top row of pockets which wicks down through the felt and can be supplied by a drip irrigation or hand watered. Irrigation frequency depends on type of plants and their water needs. Example: ferns (2 – 4 times/day) need lots more water than succulents (1 – 2 times/week). 1/2 hour duration works for most situations.

How long will a living wall and Moss Wall Art last?

Living Walls are durable and can be used for many years if properly cared for. They can also be cleaned and reused for seasonal plantings. The recycled PET plastic felt is non-reactive and can last beyond our lifetimes. Moss is naturally preserved and can last up to 8 years or more.

Can I hang my Moss Wall Art outside? How about Living Walls?

Plantastic Moss art is intended for indoor display only. Living walls can be placed outdoor and indoor. In case of hurricane Living Walls can be easily removed and stored during storm conditions. If securely attached the panels can survive hurricane force winds. Some well-rooted plants may even be able to hang on. If the root ball is intact, the foliage may return.

Do living walls and moss get moldy?

Plantastic Living Walls wick water through the back surfaces and become dry between watering cycles which keeps mold from growing. Our preserved Moss Art Will never have any mold or insects.

Where do we get our living plants and preserved moss?

We use only sustainable harvested moss within U.S. We get our ferns from North and South Carolina. Our branches and rocks are sourced locally Our wooden frames are made by us from local reclaimed wood. Living plants and pots we get from local Florida nurseries. Every aspect of production conducted here in U.S

What kind of plants can be grown in a living wall? Can I grow vegetables?

Most plants can be grown where it receives its proper light, water and nutrient requirements. Vegetables and herbs work great. Choose the patio variety tomatoes and make sure they all have full sun. Lettuces also are great because they are off the ground and away from pests and rodents. Just be sure to use a light fertilizer each time you water.

Are you Moss Wall Art is heavy?

Our pieces are lightweight. For example our panels 4 X 6 panel weight about 30 pounds. Moss Art Pieces available in any sizes to meet your decor needs.

Do you ship your Moss Wall Art Internationally?

Yes we are! Please contact us for specific rate orders outside of U.S. Our items will be inspected by customs and there or might take longer than usual shipping. All Dute Fees and VAT are the responsibility of the customer determined by region.